Areas of Specialization

The special nature of the contract activity of the public administration comprises the study of three particular aspects inside the Administrative Law, i) the existence of a special procedure for the selection of the subjects that establishes that contract with the state (public bidding), ii) the exorbitant regime regarding common law that establishes the execution and interpretation of the clauses of the administrative contract; and iii) the submission to the special jurisdiction of all the conflicts that are generated, by the parts in the contract.


The activity of Badell & Grau in this matter regards the monitoring, assessment and representation in all subjects before mentioned. in this sense the firm gives consulting services to public and private enterprises, drafting and interpreting the different types of administrative contracts and elaborating judgments about the subject.


The expertise of the firm rely on the extended study of the law regime regarding the relationship between the administration and the individuals, and the law regime in public concessions as an indispensable contractual modality so that the administration is helped by the individuals lending public services or construction of public infrastructure.

Área de Clientes

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